Pra - vA - ha

sanskrit for flow

Life will throw what it will at you. Let go. Let be. Om Tat Sat. It is what it is. Yoga Pravaha offers an organic flow approach in yoga, meeting you where you are in the moment. Finding the fluidity and inspiration in guided meditation, Hatha, Restorative, Yin & Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa.


Weekly Class Offerings

*schedule may vary, please click link to check up to date schedule via MindBody*

Monday 7:00am

Tuesday 5:30p - Restorative

Wednesday 7:00am

Thursday 7:00a 

Friday 7:00a

Sunday 8:30a - 90 minutes

Private offerings available by appointment, contact for more information. 


Private Sessions


Sometimes we need a special time just for us, or simply you desire a private setting for your yoga practice. This can happen at the studio or let Yoga Pravaha come to your location ...

It could just be you, or you, your family & friends.

Maybe you're bashful or you desire to deepen your practice & explore what your mind & body can do with yoga.

Yoga & Meditation offerings catered to your needs, at your location. Click the link below to check availability & pricing.




Guided Meditation ~ Take a journey inward, be calm, be still. Can be stand alone, or added to any class of your choice. ~ 30 minutes 

Reiki ~ Allow the warm, healing radiance to wash around & through you, treating each person as a whole, including body, emotions, mind, & spirit. 30 to 90 minute sessions

Heated Sunrise Pravaha {Flow} ~ Start your day with a yoga flow to awaken the mind & body. Organic flow of hatha influence flow, synergy between Asana {postures} & Pranayama {breathe} ~ 60/90 minutes

Heated Yoga Pravaha {Flow} ~ Light your inner flame. Move into increased strength & flexibility while basking under delightful infrared heaters. ~ 60/90  minutes

Yin & Flow ~ Finding center with the balance of strength & surrender, the perfect partner to your regular yoga flow or other physical activities. Great for the athlete & couch potato alike. ~ 60/90 minutes

Restorative ~ Restore, Reconnect, Rejuvenate. Align the mind & body, finding your calm & stillness. ~ 60/90 minutes


Drop Ins ~ 60 min - $18 & 90 min - $22

5 & 10 Class Punchcards {expire 2 & 4 months after purchase} ~ $72 & $140

Month Unlimited {expires one month from the day of purchase} ~ $90

Private Offerings ~ please contact.

**I can provide mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, & blankets for up to 6 people**

Don't have a mat? ~ That's ok, I've got you covered

WorkShops ~ vary per event

Reiki ~ please inquire

Gentle Stream

I am rooted, but I flow.

- Virginia Woolf


Contact Us

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